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The cylindrical diffuser is designed primarily for photo - dynamic therapy (PDT) with all conventional laser models. Due to its small exterior diameter and its high flexibility, it is particularly suitable for endoscopic methods in PDT. Customers can order the probe in various sizes, depending on their requirements. The active length for example varies between 10 and 100 mm. The cylindrical radial beam profile is consistent over the active length of the diffuser. Our cylindrical diffusers are equipped with x-ray markers to ensure easy and correct positioning at the point of application. Upon request we also produce the probe without x-ray markers. Photodynamic therapy is a modern therapeutic method for the treatment of tumors and pathological tissue changes such as skin cancer and skin diseases. The patient takes a so-called photosensitiser (a light-activated substance), which particularly accumulates in the tumor. After a short time the tumor is irradiated and damaged using light with a suitable wavelength. We of course also offer individual solutions.