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The tapered bare fiber has clear benefits for customers who couple into the fiber with a larger light diameter on the laser connector side than is required on the application side (distal end). This enables flexible use of laser appliances: On the one hand lasers designed for large 400/600 μm fibers, and on the other hand lasers suitable for applications with 200 μm fibers. Excellent performance is achieved due to the taper, and sufficient optical energy is supplied on an extremely small spatial unit. More flexible handling of the probe and technical adaptation to the laser are of particular advantage. Taper technology is also possible for all other fiber types. Possible product variants follow the bare fiber produce range and comprise fiber core diameters of 200 μm, 400 μm, 600 μm. Furthermore, all possible fiber ends are available: Ball Tip, Spherical Tip and Bent Tip. We of course also offer individual solutions.