Our group

Our Group consists of three companies - LGO International (Latvia), LightGuideOptics Germany GmbH and LightGuideOptics USA, LLC.

The keywords of our group - the best quality, excellent support for customers and short delivery times!

All companies of the group are continuously developing new products for laser medicine and industry.

The successful tripartite cooperation and representation in several countries give our group essential competitive advantage as we have broad options to offer the widest range of optics solutions to the customers.

LightGuideOptics Germany GmbH which was founded on 15 December, 2004

In 2008 LGO Germany established LightGuideOptics USA, LLC with an aim to ensure successful entry into the U.S. market and develop business activities there. The American company is based in California and has years of experience in the field of fibre technology and sales. 

LightGuideOptics Germany serves as highly effective sales and marketing channel for our group.

In 2016 LGO Belarus, OOO was established with an aim to ensure successful entry into the Eurasian Economic Union market and develop business activities there. The Belarus company is based in Minsk.

Production, production development:

LightGuideOptics International, Ltd.
P.O.Box 1, Livani LV-5316, Latvia
Phone: +37165307174

Sales and marketing

LightGuideOptics Germany GmbH
Industriestrasse 33
D-53359 Rheinbach
phone: +49 2226 15 85-0
fax: +49 2226 15 85-20
e-mail: info@lgoptics.de

LightGuideOptics USA, LLC
Office California Mr Mick Speciale COO
1101 South Winchester Blvd., Suite L-238, CA 95128 San Jose
phone: +1 408 244 06 86
Cell: +1 408 823 71 11 
fax: +1 408 244 07 14
e-mail: dspeciale@lgoptics.com

LightGuideOptics Belarus, OOO
Office 314a, 36B Shkolnaya Str.,
223027 Minsk district, v. Korolev Stan,
Republic of Belarus
phone: +375 29 6361408 
e-mail: info@lgoptics.ru