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Celtniecibas street 8
Livani, LV 5316

Development and production of fibers

Our company employs nearly one hundred optical fibre professionals at its manufacturing site in Latvia.

Established in 2004, Z-Light is the leading European manufacturer and supplier of fibres, fibre bundles, cables and laser delivery systems used for sophisticated scientific, industrial and medical applications.

We offer a full range of silica multimode optical fibres with excellent transmission in the UV-vis-IR region. Also, we provide full service starting from new product design to finished products and integrated optics solution.  

Our factory is equipped with the most state-of-the-art technologies and all manufacturing processes are in strict compliance with the EU quality and safety standards.

At Z-Light we use innovation to create products and services which meet or even exceed our customers' expectations. Our team is always ready to implement solutions tailored for each customer no matter how sophisticated they are!

We guarantee

  • best quality
  • excellent support for customers
  • competitive price
  • short delivery times
  • unique innovative solutions

We manufacture for you

  • Optical fibers for UV-vis-IR region
  • Optical fiber cables
  • Optical fiber bundles with different terminations
  • High-power cables and systems for industrial applications
  • Medical optical fibers and application systems